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When it was built in 1902, the Wilburton Inn was called Strawberry Hill Farm and it was the largest gentleman's farm in Manchester with acres of orchards, berries, meadows and gardens. That tradition continues with our nearby family farm,

Earth, Sky and Time are the names of the original gods in Greek mythology: Mother Earth, Father Sky, and Chronus, their child was Time. Our father named our home for them, as not only was he born in Athens and raised on Greek myths, the repetitious pattern in Greek myths was the corner stone of his theory of conflict resolution.  

Our parents gifted their home and 12 acre estate to our brother Oliver and his wife Bonnie so they could create a farm. Oliver and Bonnie met while undergraduate students at Cornell.  (Oliver was in the Agriculture school.) Together they raised not only 4 beautiful children, but crops of heirloom tomatoes, organic vegetables, flowers, fruits and herbs. They bake 3000 loaves of delicious bread every week and make 1500 veggie burgers and 350 tubs of humus!

Earth Sky Time Community Farm is renowned for their high-quality organic foods throughout New England and beyond. Enjoy their breads at breakfast each morning at the Wilburton Inn and their Farm Night dinners all summer.

The Bakery

Earth Sky Time has been baking bread for almost 5 years. It started with a bread share as part of our CSA and it quickly evolved into baking for farmers markets. Since then it has gotten better and better. Earth Sky Time now supplies bread and pastries to more than a dozen of the finest stores and restaurants in the area. 


The Farm 

Earth Sky Time is a community organic farm and bakery, proudly producing wholesome foods. The farm is led by Oliver and Bonnie Levis and a wonderful team of interns, friends, and kids. The farm produces a wide array of heirloom fruits and vegetables, hearth breads and pastries, veggie-burgers, hoomoos, and other speciality products. For more information visit