Permanent Exhibits

The Museum of the Creative Process on the grounds of the Wilburton Inn and the new Moral Science Project Training Center in Manchester Village, across from the Taconic Hotel, study the creative process as a new way to understand conflict resolution in a personal and global level. They introduce the relational way of looking at art: observing the creative process reflecting the unconscious as both a scientific and moral conflict resolution phenomenon. They present the formal and energetic analysis of stories revamping agnostic psychology into the Science of Conflict Resolution, the Moral Science.

The Moral Science Project in the village is the training center for the practical application of the concept where we deliver Creativity and Power Management, a concise program of emotional education. This combines learning about the science, and using a new self-assessment, The Conflict Analysis Battery to determine your own conflict resolution process. Visitors can also play Moral Monopoly, a card game as the method for integration moral paradigms.

These exhibits are free and open to the public. Join us on Columbus Day Weekend for open houses at the following schedule:

Sat. Oct 7 and Sun Oct. 8:
10am-12pm, at the Wilburton Inn
3-5pm at the Moral Science Project in Manchester Village

Monday, Oct 9
10-12pm at the Moral Science Project in Manchester Village



The Museum features four permanent exhibits as well as numerous temporary collections.

The permanent collections include:

The Gorski Retrospective: The Science of the Process

The Sculptural Trail: The Quantification of the Process

The Metaphoria Murals: The Universality of the Process

The Panels of the Wizard of Oz: The Integrative Potential of the Process

Join us for guided tours through the exhibits with curator Dr. Albert Levis every Saturday at 10:30 - 11:30 am.

Call 802-362-2500 to RSVP.