Healing the Person, Healing the World Jan 3-5, 2020

Religions promise “Peace on Earth, good will toward men” yet religions have caused holy wars for centuries. Let us begin the new year with an exploration of how to integrate religions and truly heal the world in the year to come. Innkeeper, psychiatrist and scholar, Dr. Albert Levis leads the weekend retreat, open to all.

Package Features:

Friday Jan 3, 2020
Welcome reception 6:30 -8pm. Meet other guests and learn about what is common to all religions of the world.

Saturday, Jan 4:
Museum of the Creative Process Art Tour on “How the World Got Wiser… The Secrets to Living Happily Ever After.” 10am -12pm
Play Moral Monopoly - a new game of cards retracing religions as ongoing solutions to conflict resolution. : 2-4pm
Creativity for Self Discovery: discover your patterns for conflict resolution and how to manage your own power 7-9pm

Sunday, Jan 5:
Personal sharing and reflections: 10am -12pm

Cost $125 plus lodging

Source: https://www.wilburtoninn.com/museum/