Healing THE PERSON ANd healing THE world

Friday, August 31 - Sunday, September 2, 2018

Psychiatrist, innkeeper, and curator, Dr. Albert Levis invites you to a  fascinating weekend of intellectual discovery and personal growth. Inspired by his childhood in the Holocaust in Athens Greece, Levis dedicated his life to understanding Conflict Resolution. He discovered that the mind predictably transforms conflict to resolution through a rollercoaster of six emotions. This emotional chain reaction abides by the laws of physics and math, thereby making behavior a true science.

Creativity in all it's forms -  from cross cultural myths, to Greek drama, modern art or spontaneous stories created by the average person - is the lens to see the Conflict Resolution Process unfold. 

Join us for a weekend celebrating creativity and learning about this new theory of behavior with art tours, discussions, workshops, an intimate cabaret and a lively outdoor music festival. Challenge your mind, open your heart, relish community, all in the beautiful Vermont outdoors.  Learn how Freud misinterpreted the Oedipus Complex and the unconscious drive for sex and power. Discover your unique Conflict Resolution Process and learn how to transform your unconscious patterns into more effective relationships. Walk the Sculptural Trail in the History of Love and see the Conflict Resolution Process repeat through the cultures of Mexico, Greece, India and Judea. Discuss the application of this theory to make sense of Trump and Island and bring peace to our very conflicted world.

This weekend is for the general public, the intellectually curious and people who are looking for insights. Contact 917-680-6739  for reservations and additional information. 




Friday 6:30 - 8:00pm
Meet the art makers and art lovers who make Manchester such a vibrant arts community.

Saturday Morning Session 10-12AM

Museum of the Creative Process TOUR: Retracing the History of Love

In this guided walk through the collection, Dr. Levis explores the struggle between the genders and the evolution of religions as discoveries of alternative ways of resolving conflict. The art explores the shifting power dynamics in family relations and introduces more inclusive and abstract definitions of the divine. Beginning with the cruel Matriarchal Mother Earth Goddess of Mexico, to the seductive "fight or flight" Helen of Troy, from Kali who dances on Shiva and inspires asceticism to the powerful dragons of China and delicate Geishas of Japan, from the seductive Ishtar of Gilgamesh that inspired temptress Eve, to the monotheistic religions of the Bible, that inspired  the father-son and mother-child alliance but caused inequity between husband and wife,  the Museum explores how different cultures deal with conflict, developing contrasting moral systems and social norms.  Religions are seen as partial and complimentary discoveries of science. The key to global and personal happiness are the moral values  of cooperation, moderation and mutual respect.

Saturday AFTERNOON SessionS 2-4PM

The Gorski Retrospective: Identifying the Pattern

Moral Science Project, 3814 Main Street, across from the Taconic Hotel. Manchester Village 2 - 3 PM

This session introduces participants to the work of Henry Gorski, one of North America’s pre-eminent figurative expressionists. The Museum houses over 100 of Gorski’s canvases from the duration of his career. These paintings are organized as cycles of conflict resolution, tracing how the painter used art to transform his emotional reality. The canvases illustrate the unconscious Creative Process which goes from stress, response, anxiety, defense, reversal to compromise. Each cycle shows a new phase of growth and insight leading from conflict to resolution.

Creativity for Self-Discovery: Healing ourselves

Moral Science Project 3814 Main Street, across from the Taconic Hotel. 3-4PM

A hands on workshop with art exercises (no art skills required) for people to discover their unique own Conflict Resolution Process. Based on two Creativity for Self Discovery tests that were developed over 40 years in his career as a Yale trained psychiatrist, this is an easy opportunity for people to discover their personality type and how to enhance their happiness and effectiveness. Participants are invited to share their insights with the group and act out their creativity to gain even more insights. 

Innkeepers Cabaret.jpg


8:00 - 9:30 PM

Innkeeper Melissa uses the Creative Process to entertain guests with her witty and poignant songs of searching for love in the world of Tinder. She turns the conflict and emotions of dating into art, thereby turning conflict into creativity.

Sunday Morning Session 10-11AM

Healing the World

This session challenges participants to apply the insights they have gathered to the contemporary political landscape. We will address questions such as how do we deal with Trump, how can we build consensus, and how do we defeat terrorism? How do we apply the weekend's take aways for increased wisdom and happiness.

Music Festival at Earth Sky Time Farm

Sunday, September 2, 6pm

A glorious way to end summer with a concert on the lawn of our family farm. Organic wood fired pizza and veggies, artisanal cocktails, and a great spirit of freedom, fun, family and community for all ages.

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