Thank you for joining us for your Vermont Vacation! We look forward to welcoming you and your guests. Your security deposit will be fully refunded provided you follow these policies.

Please call 802.362.2500 if you need anything.

SMOKING: Vermont Law prohibits smoking indoors. You may smoke outside. Please use
an ashtray and throw away cigarette butts. Please do not leave them in the grass or flowers.

DOGS: Dogs are welcome in our rental homes but must be pre-approved. There is an additional fee of $125/per pet for the length of stay. Dogs are not allowed in the Wilburton Mansion. Dogs must be left in a crate when left unattended in the house. Pick up after dogs outside. (Bags are available at the front desk should you need extra. Please wipe down muddy paws and clean up from shedding. You will be held responsible for any additional cleaning fees. Give your cell number to the front desk in case of barking or an emergency.

GARBAGE: Please empty your garbage and recyclables in tied garbage bags and leave them in the large garbage bins near your front or back door. (Guests at the Battenkill Mansion can place garbage directly in the large dumpster.) Call housekeeping at 802.362.2500 to remove garbage when bins are full. Please bring garbage from your bedrooms and bathrooms downstairs before you check out.

SKI EQUIPMENT & WINTER BOOTS: Please leave poles, skis, snow boards outside the home. Please leave ski boots and all muddy boots and footwear in the vestibules.

 WASHING MACHINES: Laundry detergent is provided for your use. Feel free to wash your towels. Additional towels & linens can be provided at an additional charge.

KITCHEN/DISHWASHER: Dishwashing detergent is provided. Please rinse all dishes before loading the dishwasher. You are responsible to wash your dishes and pots. Please run the dishwasher before you depart. Our housekeepers are happy to unload it.

REARANGING FURNITURE:  We prefer that you don’t move furniture. If you must, please lift it so not to scratch the floors. Kindly return furniture to the original positions before you leave.

KEYS: Remember to return keys to the front desk. $25 fee for accidentally taking them home.

VACUUMS/BROOMS/SUPPLIES: Every house has a closet with a vacuum and cleaning supplies. Call the front desk if you need anything else or don’t see what you need.

AC/LIGHTS/HEAT: Help us keep the Green Mountains Green. When you go out, please turn off your lights, lower the heat, and put AC in ‘Energy Saver’ mode.

FIREWOOD: Wood can be purchased for $10/armload from the Wilburton or bought in town.

HOUSEKEEPER GRATUITY: The Housekeeping fee does not include gratuity. Suggested gratuities begin at $50 per visit. There’s no need to strip beds before you check out.

We wish you a great vacation!  

Melissa: 917.680.6739 Max: 802.379.5871 Michele, Taylor and Ed at the Front Desk: 802.362.2500