Friday, January 4 - Sunday, 6, 2019
Friday, July 27 - Sunday, July 29, 2018
Friday August 31 - Sunday, Sept 2, 2018

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A fascinating weekend of intellectual growth, self discovery, artistic creation, joyful community, Vermont hikes and organic farm made cuisine.

Join psychiatrist, curator, author and innkeeper Dr. Albert Levis to explore the integration of psychology, morality, mythology, creativity and science. Discover the conflict resolution process, the Rosetta Stone of integration and software of the mind.  Through creativity for self discovery exercises (no art skills required) participants will learn their unique conflict resolution process and personality type.
Dr. Levis was inspired by his childhood experience during World War II as a Jew in hiding in Athens, Greece and has dedicated his life and career as a Yale-trained psychiatrist to understanding and healing conflict resolution in the person and in the world.