Farm Night Dinner Parties!

Fresh-from-our-fields organic, vegetarian food, grown and catered with love by our family Farm.
Live music, dancing, artisanal cocktails. al fresco dining with the best views in Vermont.  

Every Wednesday,  7:00 - 9:00 pm from June 12 -September 11, 2019
$25 plus tax and gratuity. Call 802-362-2500

Farm Night Lodging Package

Book 2 nights in any Wilburton Inn guest room through our front desk & farm night dinner for 2 is our gift to say thanks!

Farm Night dinners at the Wilburton Inn are a joyful celebration, the most delicious and festive weekly dinner party in Vermont! Organic vegetarian food from our fields to your table. Live music, dancing, the most breathtaking views from our marble terrace. delicious vegetarian food and great people make these nights a sold out success for the past 7 years! Each week is a different internationally themed vegetarian feast with flavors from Greece, Italy, Mexico, India and more.

Oliver Levis and his wife Bonnie turned our childhood homestead into Earth Sky Time Farm, a thriving organic farm staffed by an international crew of idealist young farmers and bakers who care about sustainability, community and the environment.  

This event occurs every summer Wednesday . Each week is an internationally themed different vegetarian feast.

Read rave reviews in the Berkshire Eagle and Stratton Magazine.  

Dinners sell out, so call ahead for reservations: 802-362-2500.

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Last Year’s Music


June 13: Woven Collective

A soulful band of folks who travel the world seeking alternative living solutions (work/trades, DIY initiatives, sustainable architecture, fresh food, etc.). We hope to launch first a blog, then an online community for those interested in maintaining a quasi nomadic lifestyle while still contributing, living comfortably, and gaining practical skills.  Our music swings from kickin' and alive to mellow and introspective. We love fun, real food, and infusing our audiences with creative energy.



Best pals croonin' country, oldies, and sassy originals. The Franklin County Sweethearts began in May 2016, when best friends Lexi Weege, Madeline LaPorte, and Tom LeBeau decided to form a trio. Bringing with them a lifelong love and appreciation for classic country, honky-tonk, country rock, and the harmonies of such groups as the Beatles and the Everly Brothers, the Sweethearts surprise and delight their audience with their selection of material. With the recent addition of AJ "Big Sal" Del Negro on bass and "Doc" Benoit drums, the Franklin County Sweethearts will get you dancing, laughing, singing, swooning, and remembering when.



Part bluegrass, part gypsy jazz, part "string band", Marc and Mowgli draw upon classical and jazz styles to deliver a fast-paced and inventive improvisational sound, grounded by traditional songs and melodies. The group is focused on the duo - Marc and Mowgli; an old friendship and deep musical familiarity - and draws from the pools of excellent New England musicians to create a sound sized for any venue. 

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Lula Wiles is a band deeply rooted in traditional folk music, but equally deep is their devotion to modern songcraft. Their songs span from heartbreak-drenched acoustic ballads to honky-tonk swagger to contemporary grit and back again, all anchored by powerful three-part vocal harmonies. Their lyrics are fiercely honest, littered with reinvented folk tropes and evocative images – a rainy field of daisies, a dusty bar lit by Christmas lights, an unmade bed. They deliver love songs that are at once defiant and heartsick, as well as new contributions to the folk ballad canon and timely explorations of what it means to live in America today. Drawing from the deep wells of traditional old-time music, classic country, and contemporary indie-folk-rock songwriting and arranging, Lula Wiles melds diverse influences to create a sound all their own. The three band members deftly swap instruments and frontwoman duties, with Ellie Buckland (vocals/guitar/fiddle), Isa Burke (vocals/guitar/fiddle), and Mali Obomsawin (vocals/bass) each contributing their own singularly expressive vocals, instrumental lines, and songwriting. Onstage, the band gathers tightly around a single microphone for a spirited and emotionally resonant live show.

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September 5: Oliver The Crow 

 Kaitlyn and Ben’s chameleon-like ability to skip between genres stems from their roots as classically-trained performers (Kaitlyn has a masters degree in classical cello from McGill University and Ben has performed as a soloist with the Calgary Philharmonic) but also from their love of bluegrass, gypsy jazz, everything from Hank Williams to Prince. Raitz is a founding member of folk duo Bride & Groom, tours with The Bombadils and has performed everywhere from Carnegie Hall to the Station Inn.  Ben is a primary member of the JUNO award-winning folk string quartet, The Fretless, and has contributed to hundreds of recordings as one of North America’s elite fiddle players.

One thing is certain:  Oliver the Crow cannot be defined by genre, and yet is timeless, indelible. Kaitlyn and Ben have mastered the art of anchoring a folk song in epic pop sensibility, and it is so fun to hear them smash all the rules.   




Here is a recap of some of our inventive, whole grain, organic menus:
Roasted Chickpeas and Potatoes with Green Garlic & Dill
  Lemon Tatsoi and Barley Pilaf
Gingery Bok Choi Slaw
   Green Salad with Hakurei Turnips
  Parsley Aioli
  Rhubarb Kantan
Bok Choi and Green Garlic Quiche
 Lentil Apple Salad with Parsley and Mustard Greens
  Millet and Kasha with Orange and Basil
       Green garlic pesto
    Spinach and Nasturtium salad
  Minty Turnip Slaw
  Cilantro vinaigrette
 Caramelized Apple-Walnut Cake

  Potato, Turnip, Zucchini Pesto Gratin
  Barley Pilaf with Roasted Garlic Scapes, Toasted Almonds, Scallions, Green Onions and Maple-Dill Vinaigrette
   Black and Kidney Beans with a Parsley-Mint Vinaigrette
Thyme Roasted Beets and Summer Squash
Green Salad with Carrot-Orange Dressing
  Cilantro-Lime Sriracha Pesto
  White Bean Dip with Mustard and Cumin
      Double Chocolate Zucchini Cake
      Chickpea Salad with Scarlet Turnips and Coconut-Lime-Basil Dressing
  Cumin Roasted Potatoes, Carrots and Zucchini
  Pesto Bulgar with Snap Peas, Green Onion, Currants and Mint
    Roasted Beets with Arugula, Toasted Walnuts, and Dill Dressing
   Minty Yogurt Sauce
      Mama Ghanoush
   Chocolate Beet Cake


     Spani-faux-pita (vegan spanikopita)
       Deconstructed Dolmade Salad
    Lemony Roasted Potatoes
    Black Beans with Fennel, Scarlet Turnips, Scallion
      Greek Salad
      Tofu Tatziki
 Melopita (Honey Cake) with Fresh Raspberries

      Chard, Zucchini and Garlic Scape Cornbread Bake
 Black Beans, Sweet Corn, Tomatoes and Scallions in a Lime Vinaigrette
      Bok Choy and Red Cabbage Salad with Sunflower Seed Dressing
    Parsley-Cumin-Chili Carrot Turnip Slaw
      Garlic Roasted Potatoes and Green Peppers
     Very Spicy Roasted Pepper and Garlic Scape Sauce
      Peppercorn Pickled Red Onions
      Spiced Mexican Chocolate Tart

 Lentil Tagine with eggplant, cabbage, heirloom tomatoes, zucchini, raisins, and garlic scapes
       Pearl Barley Pilaf with Parsley and Toasted Almonds
     Apricot Glazed Roasted Carrots and Turnips
     Cucumber Salad with Mint, Oregano, and Honey
   Gingery Beet Salad with Toasted Almonds, and Greens
       Quinoa Tabouli
      Mama Ghanoush
     Minty dressing
    Sesame Almond Cookies