Birthdays at a Country Inn

Birthdays are big in our family and in our lives as innkeepers at the Wilburton Inn. As we sing in our theme song, our dad, Albert spontaneously bought the Wilburton for his 50th birthday. This June, Tajlei, the eldest of the four Levis siblings, turns 50. (Though fingers crossed she won't be buying another inn!) Albert turns 80 in July, and Columbus Day marks our 30th anniversary of owning and running the Wilburton Inn. Here's Dr. Max Levis celebrating his 1st birthday as a junior. innkeeper.

My birthday is tomorrow. It's a small one: 47. 45 was the biggie. That marked my divorce, our mom's passing, my career change from NYC rock star to five year-olds to my commuting life as a Vermont family innkeeper. Best of all, 45 was the year I got my first dog - my beloved Jetson.


I spontaneously decided that the best birthday present I could give myself would be to invite our guests to join us this weekend and give a room for their friends for free.

See my favorite part of innkeeping isn't always having a reason to shop for throw pillows and decor. It's meeting the endless flow of people who arrive as strangers and depart as friends. Many even become an extension of our family as they come back not only through the years, but through the decades. Best of all, they returns as their family's grow. And speaking of birthdays -- beautiful Naomi Dove who was born this week to our Wilburton alumni bride and groom, Sara and Justin Zaslow!

Here I am celebrating my 18th birthday at the Wilburton Inn. Dad's hair is now silver. His glasses are gone, but I wore those gloves at our Murder Mystery weekend this Fall. (It's good that some things stay the same.)

A birthday is just another number, just another day. Tomorrow I'm having a small gathering with fellow NYC/Vermont transplants and you can be sure there will be singing around the piano. I am also getting a massage with Carlos, our Argentinean masseur in our very own spa. (Now THAT's a perk of running an inn!

But every day truly feels like a birthday when you're an innkeeper. There's always a celebration - an anniversary, a wedding. Here's our birthday girl Lea who turned 90 during her family reunion at the inn this summer!

I am very grateful to spend my birthday with my dad, my family, my dog, our staff, our guests our friends (and a bottle of Clairol.)

Happy birthday to you all!

Levis Family Innkeeper

Valentine's Kisses from the Wilburton Inn

"If there is a more romantic or peaceful setting in the world, I have yet to discover it.” That's what Rand McNally's Best Bed & Breakfast Guide wrote about the Wilburton Inn, and as family innkeepers, it gives us great joy to see our guests basking in the romantic spirit of our historic estate.
For 28 years, it has been a pleasure to see guests of every age, every season swept up in love.

The spirit of love extends between men, women, parents, children, and of course, guests and our four legged puppy, Jetson.

Innkeeper and psychiatrist Dr. Albert Levis has been fascinated by the symbol of love as expressed through a kiss. His new Museum of the Creative Process in Manchester Village has an entire room devoted to kisses by expressionist Henry Gorski.

The Museum of the Creative Process sculptural trail on the Wilburton estate is devoted to the journey between men and women through civilizations to find happiness and live happily ever after. And after traveling through the ancient world of Greek sphinxes, Mesopotamian temptresses, Aztec warriors, Indian Goddesses, and Biblical saints and virgins, the Museum of the Creative Process sculpture trail concludes with this Vermont marble sculpture called "The Kiss."

Finally there's equality and equity between the genders. So here is a kiss to you and your family on Valentine's Day and every day with love from the Levis family innkeepers.