A Labor Day Hootenanny on the Farm!

Our brother Oliver is a farmer.  Here he is with his big sister Tajlei already at the wheel of a tractor at 2.

Oliver is the only Levis child to apply his Ivy League education towards his career. He attended Cornell Agriculture school where he met his wife, Bonnie. They spent a few years in NYC where Oliver tried out investment banking at Lazard Freres, but it was easy to tell that he was destined for a more unconventional life.

10 years ago, he traded his tie for a T-shirt and he and Bonnie moved back to Manchester, Vermont and began their farm at Telion Holon on River Road. In only a few years, it was clear that they needed more land, so they expanded into our childhood home which our Greek father had named Earth Sky Time (in honor of the creation stories that began with Greek Gods: Gaia, Uranus and Cronus.) 

Earth Sky Time Farm has grown and grown and grown. Aspiring farmers come from around the globe to learn from Oliver and Bonnie about baking, farming and sustainability. This season they welcomed farm apprentices from England, Israel, Italy and Puerto Ricco.

Their farm has blossomed along with their many harvests. From vegetables and chickens they expanded to a thriving CSA, a presence in many Southern Vermont farmers markets, and of course their incredible hearth-baked breads.

Wednesday night Earth Sky Time Farm night dinners at the Wilburton Inn are a highlight of our guests experience.

And now Oliver has expanded once again. He built a beautiful huge new barn for music, dancing, concerts and creativity. 

His first concert was two weeks ago, and over 100 guests turned up to be a part of the energy, spirit and community at Earth Sky Time Farm.

And tonight, the party will be even bigger. He is hosting The Harvest Moonshine festival with 2 bands and a 5 hour party. Earth Sky Time will be serving home made apple cider from their trees and wood-fired pizza topped with their organic kale, turnips, peppers, squash and tomatoes. Kids are a big part of the Earth Sky Time experience so of course children can enjoy the music for free.

C"mon down to the hootenanny to celebrate the close of this beautiful summer.  This farm will nourish your spirit as well as your body. www.earthskytime.com

We are all so proud of Oliver and Bonnie. They grow far more than three great children and the best heirloom tomatoes: they grow kindness, spirit, joy and community.