Wishing our Guests a Sweet New Year

This has been a particularly healing and joyful year for our family. it was the first full year we spent without our mother, Innkeeper Georgette Wasserstein Levis, but her abscense has brought us all together. This was actually the first summer all four Levis children lived together in Vermont....EVER!

The Levis Meshpucha at Farm Night 2015

The Levis Meshpucha at Farm Night 2015

Wilburton Inn manager, Max, was our mom's late-in-life gift to the family. He was born when his sisters, Tajlei and Melissa, were already out of the house and at boarding school in Massachusettes. Other than getting together for holidays, our lives were spread out between New York, Boston, Israel and Vermont.  

But this summer we were united once more. Tajlei and Melissa and their families lived on the Wilburton estate. Max and patriarch/innkeeper, Albert, live 3 miles away in our childhood home with our brother, Oliver, his wife Bonnie, their 3 children and a rotating crew of 20 idealistic young farmers at Earth Sky Time Community Farm. 

It has been such a pleasure to meet so many wonderful guests from around the world and reconnect with dear long-time returning guests. Innkeeping is a joyful and fulfilling life, because of all the interesting and kind-hearted people who stroll through our door and stay in our lives.

The apples in Vermont are full on the boughs and the honey is sweet from our hives on the farm. Our mom always loved apple trees for their scented blossoms and bountiful crops.

We cherish the memory of those who are no longer with us, and are grateful for the blessing of time that we get to spend with family every day.

To all of you, your families, and the ones you love, we wish you health, blessings, and a sweet New Year.

--Albert, Tajlei, Melissa, Oliver, Max, Jonathan, Bonnie, Theo, Noam, Monty, Guv, Talula, Eden, and Jetson Levis