Moey's Music Party Labor Day Weekend Concert

10 years ago I was a New York City new mom who had just written a million dollar musical that closed after a two month run Off-Broadway. I wasn't quite sure where I wanted my career to go, so I came home for the summer to explore working with my family at the Wilburton Inn. I needed to put my son in day care, but the excellent local Northshire Day Care was full. My mom, innkeeper Georgette, suggested that I volunteer as their music teacher and perhaps they'd find a space for my tot. Instead, I found a new career!

Thanks to volunteering, I discovered the joys of writing songs for children.

Inspired by my motherhood, I would turn a teaching moment, silly moment or frustrating moment into a song.  It took five years to hear an audience respond to my songs Off-Broadway, but as children's entertainer, the satisfaction was instant. I'd write a song one day and try it out the next day on kids at school. GNAT, our local cable access TV company, offered me a weekly kids TV show. My family nickname was "Moey" and I liked the alliteration with "music." And who doesn't love a party? And that is how Moey's Music Party was born. Click here to watch Parent's Choice Gold award winning Moey songs and videos on You Tube.

I moved back to New York City in September, 2015 and taught music to 300 infants to pre-K children a week. After a few years, I was singing to 10,000 kids a year at venues from Central Park to the New York Public Library, FAO Schwarz and the Tribeca Film Festival. I even produced "Moey Live - P is for Party" as an Off-Broadway musical. The New York Post dubbed me "The Pied Piper In Pink." Time Out New York said that I was a "kiddie-rock super star." My favorite accolade however was being called a "Phenome-mom" because I believe every working mom is truly phenomenal.

I rarely came up to the Wilburton Inn because I was too busy singing in Manhattan. But two years ago, suddenly, I was done. My son had outgrown my music. My keyboard player moved to LA to tour with Sarah Bareilles. My drummer moved home to Malaysia. I realized how much I had accomplished and I felt I achieved my goal. As a child I loved Free to Be You and Me and I always wanted to create songs that would empower today's children the way that album truly touched me. When Marlo Thomas wrote about my girl power Princess Revolution CD on the Huffington Post I felt I accomplished my goal.

Now I love being an innkeeper. We host so many family reunions that I am constantly surrounded by children and families. I pass out Moey magic wands because our inn is truly magical. Every Wednesday night in summer I play the guitar and get all 100 dinner guests to sing and dance our Wilburton Inn theme song.

I don't miss New York, but I do miss Moey. So this Saturday, September 5th at 4:00, I will pick up my sparkly pink guitar and become Moey once more. I am so grateful to the community of Manchester for helping me create Moey here 10 years ago and for welcoming me back in my new role as a family innkeeper beside my father and siblings.

I invite all our Wilburton Inn guests as well as the Southern Vermont community to join us or a free family concert on Saturday, September 5th from 4:00 - 5:00. Bring your picnic blanket and bring your dancing shoes too - because of course there will be prizes for the most enthusiastic family singers and dancers.

Every Day's a party at Moey's Music Party, and we look forward to sharing the party with you.