A Dinner Party to Die For...

I've got murder on my mind.

I've been watching a lot of Columbo lately. And Hart to Hart and Remington Steele. Even a little Charlie's Angels, though I can’t actually power through an entire episode on Amazon Prime. Why the crime detectives, and cheesy crime detectives at that? Because I've got murder on my mind...

Tonight the Wilburton Inn is throwing it’s annual Murder Mystery Dinner Party. My sister, Tajlei Levis, is taking time off from writing her Broadway bound musical adaptation of Green Acres to pen an interactive murder mystery based on the Wilburton Inn’s history when RKO Pictures owned the Wilburton Inn. Tonight’s mystery is called “Murder in the Mountains: The Million Dollar Movie.” My sister won’t tell me the plot because I gave the ending away to the press last year and she had to rewrite the whole show, but I did see a member of the cast running through the inn in a gorilla suit.

The inn was built as a private home in 1902. It’s a big brick mansion on a hill and the perfect setting for an Agatha Christie ‘who done it.’  Our mother loved Agatha Christie. No vacation was complete without Hercule Poirot joining us as light reading on the beach. Every summer we enjoyed Agatha Christie plays at Dorset Theatre Festival. Their production of The Mousetrap this summer was especially poignant as my siblings and I have suddenly become innkeepers – and art does have a way of imitating life.

Tonight we have a very long waiting list of guests clamoring for a night of dress up, dinner, and death. In real life, death is tragic, but our inn is like the Kit Cat Club in Cabaret. “Life is disappointing. Forget it. In here, life is beautiful. The girls are beautiful. Even the orchestra is beautiful.”

Here are photos from last year's murder mystery. Thank you Crickett Polis for capturing the drama and fun. 

Tonight’s Murder Mystery is honor of our mom, innkeeper Georgette Levis, who penned such classic Wilburton Inn Murder Mysteries as The Bridesmaid’s Revenge, The Brother’s Rosenblood, and Murder on the Batteknkill.

Last year's Murder Mystery was a triumph - and the last great hurrah for our family. We found out just one week later that Mom had advanced cancer. Death was not just a gay escape and dinner party entertainment. It was terribly real. And came terribly quickly. What a wonderful night that was...

Here’s to you, Mama. Long may you dance.