Free Family Concert at the Library This Saturday!

Though I've written songs for Prime Ministers and fronted a rock band of East Hampton tycoons, my musical career began playing the camel in the Zion Church Nativity play in Manchester Vermont.  I also took disco lessons at the Grange, sang for the Lions Club and was a candy cane in the Nutcracker at the Southern Vermont Art Center. 

All of that creative enrichment from my childhood in Vermont led me to a career as a songwriter. I wrote Off-Broadway musicals and created a children's band called Moey's Music Party.  For almost a decade, I loved being like Elvis to thousands of five year olds in New York City.

But last year I shed my city life like a snake sheds its skin. With a snap of my fingers I gave it all up to run our family inn. Though I’m a full time innkeeper now, I have never sung with so much joy. Our inn is filled with music, from Broadway sing-alongs to Christmas carols to our Farm Night sing-alongs each week in summer.  Instead of singing with hopes of getting on the Disney Channel or Broadway, I sing with love of working side by side with my father and brother and sister. I sing of love of the seasons and fresh air. I sing of love for our guests and our staff and my puppy. I sing of love of this wonderful community and this wonderful town.


Last month Central Park asked me to sing to 3,000 kids for Halloween and I really had to weigh if I wanted to do it. But when the Manchester Library asked me if I wanted to sing at their opening, there was not a moment’s hesitation.

This Saturday I happily don my Moey's Music Party pink velvet dress and sparkly guitar and help celebrate the opening of the great big library in our great small town. As a child and a mother, I have been so enriched by the Mark Skinner Library and I am so happy to celebrate their expansion in the new Manchester Community Library. 

Here is my musical version of the City Mouse and the Country Mouse which I filmed in Central Park. When I wrote this song, I never realized how much this parable follows my life. This Country Mouse is so happy to be home.

Please join me this Saturday at the new Manchester Community Library for a free family concert from 3:00 – 3:30. I can’t wait to share the festivities with you!