Children Welcome!

The Wilburton Inn is a place of family. As the Wilburton Inn theme song explains, Dr. Albert and Georgette Levis dined at the inn on July 13, 1987 to celebrate Albert’s 50th birthday. He told the manager the inn was beautiful. The manager mentioned it was for sale. Albert spontaneously said he’d buy it. And Georgette fell in the soup!

The inn has been the best birthday present our father could ever have chosen, because it has kept our family collaborating, laughing and playing together every single day. Albert is the patriarch who survived World War II in Athens, Greece and devoted his career to understanding conflict resolution. He is a psychiatrist, scholar and visionary and invites guests to monthly workshops on “Healing the Person and Healing the World” to share his discovery about the integration of art, morality, psychology and science. He also leads tours through the Museum of the Creative Process on the grounds of the Wilburton and at the Moral Science Project in Manchester Village.

All four Levis children run the inn alongside their father: Max is a Harvard scholar and PhD who teaches at Dartmouth and knows every single aspect of running the inn since he became an innkeeper at age 3. Max is our star mixologist, technology expert and fix it wiz. Bubbly Melissa is an award-winning Off-Broadway songwriter and children’s rockstar who now adores leading holiday sing-alongs and cabarets for our guests. She manages the Wilburton’s marketing and vacation home sales and of course sharing her dog Jetson with the guests. Tajlei is a New York City lawyer turned playwright who writes and produces our sold-out murder mystery weekends at the inn every November and April. Oliver is the organic farmer and baker who with his wife Bonnie creates the farm-to-table dinner parties every Wednesday in summer and hearth baked breads that guests enjoy each morning at breakfast. 

The third generation of Levis innkeepers range from Theo, age 18 and off to Oberlin to Noam and Monty and Guv, freshmen at Bronx Science, Choate, and Burr and Burton Academy, Talula, 12, the only girl in the family, Eden 10, the super reader and soccer star, and Elijah soon to be 3.

Jetson is our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and beloved canine concierge.

The Wilburton is a vibrant welcoming destination all year round. We invite you to make it your very own mansion in the mountains for your family reunion, destination wedding, corporate meeting place, wellness retreat, romantic getaway. or inspiring place of solo travel. Many guests use the Wilburton as their country home. Some guests have been coming here for for 29 years!

The Wilburton Inn is magical. Guests arrive as strangers and depart as dear friends.

Welcome to Vermont and the Wilburton, your new country home. We look forward to meeting you!

-Levis Family Innkeepers since 1987, Albert, Tajlei, Melissa, Oliver, Max, Bonnie, Jonathan, Theo, Noam, Monty, Guv, Talula, Eden, Elijah, and Jetson!