Children Welcome!

The Wilburton Inn is a place of family. It was run with love by Dr. Albert and Georgette Levis for 27 years. Their children run the inn now: Max is the Manager and scholar, Melissa is the entertainer and lodging coordinator, Tajlei is the Broadway bound lyricist and business strategist, and Oliver is the organic farmer who creates the sold-out harvest dinners and hearth baked breads at breakfast. 

Max Levis was only 3 when his parents bought the inn. He grew up beside Georgette, learning every step of the business beside her. The third generation of Levis innkeepers range from Theo, age 14 to Eden, soon to be 6. Noam, Monty, and Guv are the bus boys (ages 10 & 11) and lovely Talula (7) is the only Levis granddaughter. She frequently makes lasting friendships with our guests' daughters her age.

When our parents bought the Wilburton in 1987, the Wilburton clientele was stuffy. They did not welcome the free spirit (and joyful noise) of children. But the Levis family quickly changed that. Georgette scandalized the old Wilburton Inn guests by not only welcoming families and making the Wilburton a place of multi - generational family vacations - she replaced all the twin beds with kings! (Yes, believe it or not, even the bridal suite had 2 twin beds before we owned it!)

Now the Wilburton Inn is a vibrant place where everyone of all age is welcome to enjoy the 30 acres of grounds and elegant historic mansion. The Wilburton is our castle on the hill that we love to share with guests who come as strangers and leave as friends.

Our return rate is stunningly high - guests come back with their children and say "This is where you took your first steps." "This is where mommy and daddy got married 26 years ago."

A great joy of inn keeping is watching families grow and being a place where they return year after year because the Wilburton feels like their own country home, where every guest gets to be lord and lady (and child) of the manor.

Welcome home. 

The Levis Family